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We are official Gemar balloons dealers in Arizona.

Terms and conditions

Jay’s Party Shop is responsible for the content of the site, as well as the sale, shipping and warranty of the products offered on it. It is an essential requirement to buy on our website the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale described below.

Any person who makes a transaction on the website, via telephone, email or through the order form intended for this purpose, declares and acknowledges, by making the purchase, that he knows and accepts each and every one of the terms and conditions.

User registration information is stored in a secure environment with exclusive access to website administrators. Your registration data (name, phone and email) will never be disclosed to third parties, keeping your privacy to the fullest.

At Jay’s Party Shop we do not request data related to nationalities, racial origin, health status, religious or other beliefs, sexual preference or political affiliations. All information we receive is provided by you, our user/client on a voluntary basis.

Our suppliers will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to enable them to actually hoists the services they provide to us. Specifically for the shipment of parcels and the realization of the payment.

Helium Balloons

Balloons are products that have a shelf life; the climate and the outdoor environment influence their durability, so we recommend keeping them in a dry, cool and roofed place. These products are susceptible to break or deflate depending on the use and care. To prevent them from breaking, we recommend handling them very carefully, not squeezing them, not approaching them to sharp or sharp objects, not exposing them to the direct sun, not putting them inside cars for a long time or subjecting them to sudden weather changes.

Helium-inflated balloons exposed to high temperatures and climate change vary due to the behavior of helium molecules; when the temperature decreases the balloon may look deflated and when the temperature increases it tends to inflate. The balloons last approximately 48 hours.

Jay’s Party Shop may, in its sole discretion, terminate its services immediately, if the conduct of any User/Customer is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The data provided by the User will be processed exclusively to provide the services mentioned by the User and improve their experience on the website.

The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Jay’s Party Shop, directors, employees and collaborators, from any claim or proceeding, including reasonable fees spent with Attorneys, as a result of the misuse of the services, as well as for the violation by the User of the provisions of this agreement.

Terms and Conditions for purchase

For the purchase of products, the User create an account where he will have a user and designate a password, providing the personal data necessary to process the purchase and shipment of the desired products.

The User/Customer may select the products they wish, and they are on the Website. At Jay’s Party Shop we are committed to the products complying with the specifications indicated for each of them on this Website.

The price of each product is that displayed on the Website expressed in dollars. Payment may be made using the methods offered to you on the Website. Once the purchase process is completed, the Customer will receive a purchase confirmation email.

The customer must verify that the item that appears in the purchase confirmation email matches the desired one. If you do not agree, you must let Jay’s Party Shop know by email to the contact address specified on this Website within 8 hours of receipt of the purchase confirmation email. After this period without any comment from the customer, it will be understood that the item indicated in the purchase confirmation email is the correct one for all legal purposes.


The customer is responsible for providing all the information necessary for the elaboration of the product or decoration. If the customer does not provide the specifications for the design of the product or decoration, Jay’s Party Shop will decide in what way to design it based on the reference photo, in case an item is not in stock, we will contact the Customer to agree to the replacement by another, in the same way we will proceed with respect to the colors.

At Jay’s Party Shop we don’t have a fixed delivery time. The client must choose whether to want the morning shift from 8.00am to 12.00pm or late-night from 1.00pm to 8.00pm. We cannot indicate a delivery time, serious at the corresponding time you have chosen.

For shipments you must let us know the exact address with the zip code, house or apartment number, name of the urbanization, if possible, attach the location with all the data mentioned above. If they send a wrong address at Jay’s Party Shop, we are not responsible for shipping costs and the Customer will have an additional charge for delivery.

If it is the Customer’s choice, you can pick up the product in our store, take into consideration that our products are delicate, they must have a suitable and occupied vehicle to move it. We are not responsible for the handling and final result in which your product may arrive once you have left the store.

When balloons are spied, deflated or explode they must be discarded as this wasteland can cause suffocation in children and pets.

The Customer must indicate if the person to be surprised is allergic to latex, to avoid the material in the product / service to be performed.

The customer must provide all necessary information for the development of their product /service such as colors, design, personalized balloons, age, name and reason (birthday, love, baptism, communion, happy day or any other celebration).

At Jay’s Party Shop we are proud of our work, and that is why we will post on our social networks and/or website photos of the customer and the products/services they purchase, if you do not agree with those images being published, please notify you. We undertake not to publish the client however if we publish our work.

In case of postponing the delivery, availability will be checked to schedule a new date. In case of cancellation of the service, only 50% of what was paid will be refunded as long as no expenses have been generated for the elaboration of the product/service.

Updating the Terms and Conditions

At Jay’s Party Shop we reserve the right to make any changes or corrections to the Terms and Conditions presented throughout this document.

The links in this Website may direct you to third-party websites, so at Jay’s Party Shop we do not accept any responsibility for the content, accuracy, functionality and security of these other websites.

Jay’s Party Shop reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice the presentation of the Website as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use. In any case it will be the responsibility of the User / Client to periodically access these Terms and Conditions of Use published on the Website in order to know at all times the latest version.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, Jay’s Party Shop shall not be liable for any reason for any damage or loss that may be suffered by the Customer or other parties.


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